Similar to popular payment apps, we just do it without the third party


You want the best money can buy to capture your moments in life, but that doesn't always mean the budget will allow it. 
Our standard payments are half your total as a deposit and the remaining half is due one week prior to your session.

These options will allow you to break down these two payments into smaller amounts to make it more budget friendly.
This can apply to all sessions and gallery orders.

Introducing you to the NEW payment options available for everyone!

We know photographs are priceless!! 

50% due at time of booking

50% due 1-week prior to session

payment plan 1

Entire invoice total is broken up into 4 payments due every two weeks. First payment is due at the time of booking.

payment plan 2

Entire invoice total is broken up into monthly payments.

For this option payment can be broken up to 6 payments.


payment plan 3

Deposit of 50% is broken up into 4 payments due every two weeks. First payment is due at the time of booking.

Balance of 50% is broken up into 4 payments due every two weeks. First payment is due 8 weeks prior to session


With these plans we ask if possible payments are made through VENMO using "friends and family" feature. This helps us keep the credit card processing fees down, as we are trying our hardest not to have to pass them on to our clients. If this isn't possible we will agree on form of payment,

01. How do I make payments?

Yes! All payment plans will have a "payment plan contract". This lays out all the terms and requires a card on file in the case payments aren't made. 

06. Do i need to sign anything?

There are no fees as long as payments are made in good faith and on time.

02. Are there any fees?

All missed or late payments are subject to a $50 late payment fee per day payment is late. At any time during q payment plan  should you stop communication with Pink Door Photography & Design Studio (Kelly Marsh), the photographer may permanently delete any photographs that may have already been taken by Pink Door Photography & Design Studio. The Photographer can delete files after two days of no response to any email/phone calls/texts by the client.

04. What happens if I miss a payment?

If you postpone or cancel payment plans, any payments made prior to the date of the cancellation are non-refundable and will not be returned to you. Should you decide to reschedule your session, current pricing at the time of rescheduling will be applied and a new payment plan can be put in place..

05. What happens if I cancel my session?

Yes! Just like all popular payment sites you will need a card on file. This card is only used if payments are not made and there has been no communication prior to missed payment. There will be a 3.7% connivence fee applied to the transaction.  If the card number on file is not a valid account or information is not entered accurately, the client will incur a $100 FEE. Fees are up to the discretion of Pink Door Photography & Design Studio.

03. Do I need to have a card on file?