For Photographers

We offer
 Retouching Services

Looking for basic retouching?
- Blemishes
- Newborn Skin Dryness
- Skin Correction (redness reduction)
- Solid background stretching
- Background Smoothing

$3 per image


Need some advanced skills?
- Froggy Pose
- Compositions
- Object Removal
- Head and Ey Swaps
- Wrinkle Erasing
- Color Changing

$10 per image


Our BackgrouND

We all have a Past

Hey everyone, my name is Kelly Marsh. I am the face of Pink Door Studio. I graduated Clarke College (now Clarke University) with a Bachelor's degree with an emphasis on graphic design, Worked as a graphic designer for ten years, I worked for a variety of companies that really allowed me to master my retouching skills. An example, one of the jobs I would often find myself creating furniture pieces to match a collection from just a photo of a chair, or color correcting fabrics on a computer screen to the real swatch. That is why today I am very confident in my skills as a photo retoucher and can handle simple skin retouches to difficult compositions. 

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Marion, IA

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